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Psylicious Radio presents: Maze - Shacom Delia - DJ Sarana

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СообщениеДобавлено: Вс Фев 19, 2023 8:17 pm    Заголовок сообщения: Psylicious Radio presents: Maze - Shacom Delia - DJ Sarana Ответить с цитатой

Tuning you into this week’s show at Psylicious Radio, we will be dropping you into a musical journey of psychedelic delights as we welcome back onto the show Greek DJ, Maze. We also welcome Greek psytrance producer Shacom Delia as he prepares for his next release, out soon.
Finland-based DJ Sarana closes this weeks show with a mind-blowing, trance-floor blaster, so get ready! Enjoy!

Listen to the show: Psylicious Radio | Click Here

MAZE [Metabolizm Recs] GR
After discovering psytrance at the age of 18, Greek DJ Maze has been mixing up psychedelic trance since 2015 and is now starting to learn the art of music production with his focus on progressive and full on sounds.

Maze Track List Played:
01: Sonic Entity - Elysian
02: Waio vs Goa Jonas - Take some LFO
03: Ilai & Interium - Elements
04: Gypsy Soul - Psychedelic Experience
05: Nero Effecta - Deep Level
06: Astrix & Alien Project - Aztechno Dream (Faders Rmx)
07: Talamasca & Dreedrah - A Brief History of Goa Trance
08: Optimize - Space Drifters
09: Volcano - Power Effect
10: Volcano on Mars - Goa On My Mind
11: Faders - Gaia
12: Faders - Aura

Maze Links & Social Media
Soundcloud | Facebook

SHACOM DELIA [Let It Out Rec/Yun Rec/PsyWorld Rec] GR
Fotis Fourountzidis, born 1983, got addicted to Electronic music in 2000. After that he experienced music mixing techniques as hobby and had his first public appearance in 2007 at the famous Neraida Garden in North Greece. 2013 Fotis launched his project as SHACOM DELIA, after developing his passion for making music to his purpose of live playing.

Since then he is producing his own tracks with Ableton Live and is presenting his DJ set in Germany and Greece.

His style is Progressive Trance and Full On - Psytrance, with a 138 to 152 bpm rolling baseline, unique rhythm, varied arrangement, flexible breaks and electrifying melodies.

Shacom Delia Track List Played:
01: Landing Feel
02: Random Access
03: Happiness Filter
04: Black Light Tubes
05: Acid Guns
06: Glass Case
07: Anna Montana
08: Cinematic Universe
09: Operator Skills
10: Disodium
11: Icarus
All tracks W&P by Shacom Delia

Shacom Delia Links & Social Media
Soundcloud | Instagram | Facebook | Let It Out Records | PsyWorld Records | Yun Recordz

DJ SARANA [Psylicious] FI
Finnish Psytrance DJ Sarana has always had a passion for music since her childhood years. Her musical spectrum of taste has ranged from classical to metal before her journey into psychedelic trance.

Influenced by the sounds of Mad Tribe, Spirit Architects, Transient Disorder and Mono Sapiens to name just a few have significance in DJ Sarana’s soundscape exploration, taking her deeper down the rabbit hole of psychedelic trance.

DJ Saranas' ear for music and rhythm as a trained former dancer are two elements that are clearly evident, combined with her octane driven energy she transmits onto the trance-floor fully engaging with crowd!

Her style and sets are delivered from her heart and soul yet defined in a hinged mystery of where DJ Saranas' musical journey will take you - a mystery only she knows as she draws you in wanting more!

DJ Sarana Track List Played:
01: Cambium – Nevermind
02: Fiction & Cylon – Emission Lines
03: Blot – Quantum Leap
04: Spirit Architect – South Wind
05: Akratas – From Here To Reality
06: Auditiva – We’re the Future
07: Amplify & Psiger – Kali
08: Djantrix & Spirit Architect – Temple of Madness
09: Akratas – Pleiadian Hyperdrive
10: MoRsei – Mind Over Matter
11: Becker – God of War
12: Amplify & X-Side – Universal Possibilities
13: Amplify & Mono Sapiens – Allahu
14: Parasynthax – Twisted Perspective
15: Roja -Abyss
16: Z-Cat & Azax feat. Michele Adamson – Closer

DJ Sarana Links & Social Media
Linktree | Soundcloud | Psylicious

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