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Благотворительность и пожертвования
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прочитал утром сообщение от Энн Шульгин, Саша неважно себя чувствует и насколько я понял у них нет каких то особых сбережений, тру хипаны.

На их странице есть информация куда можно перечислить денюжку что б поддержать Сашу: http://goo.gl/M5VEF
или их проект на эровиде: http://goo.gl/r00j6

Hello, Dear People of The Tribe,

As usual, life got in the way of writing. It also got in the way of book-writing. I've finally got back into Book Three, and for the past three weeks, I couldn't manage to write a single sentence, but I'm determined, now, and with Tania to help with the phones (and even when she can't), I know it's up to me, and only me, to get the Third Book going again. Four chapters were started years ago, and my first job is to complete them, and one of the best ways of doing that is to go over the photographs I took -- literally thousands of them -- during our trips to conferences, especially the seven years of Mind-States down in Palenque, Mexico. Photos bring back memories, impressions, sometimes even smells, and they fill in the many blanks -- holes -- made by distance and time and brain fuzzitude.

Sasha, by the way, thanks as before to our Tibetan and British ladies and the wonderful drug Ergoloid (created by Hofmann as hydergine), his mental state is actually better than it was a year ago. The dementia is not repairing, but some rebellious neurons in the brain are refusing to stay down; they have gotten together and resumed connecting or whatever neurons do with each other, and Sasha remembers things that happened a few hours ago, which he couldn't do last year, and he's more alert and focused than he was when all this started manifesting. He still sundowns every few evenings, but not as deeply, and not as often. He loves interacting with people, and even when he isn't participating in a conversation, he follows what's being said with pleasure and an occasional joke (some of them are actually very good -- I mean, really good) -- or puns of excellent quality (not all, but certainly most).

Sasha's body is frail, but strong. The ladies exercise him to help build up arm and leg muscles, and he goes on short walks during the day. It occurs to me that "frail" is the opposite of "strong," so I'll use the word "tough," meaning that he doesn't like to stand in place for more than a minute or so, but he can walk and move around and push and pull things when he needs to. His grip is definitely strong and although he moves slowly, he doesn't lose his balance. Of course, he never moves without one of his ladies next to him, to be sure he stays safe. I only wish the Ergoloid helped with eyesight. He cannot see across the room; he can see moving figures, but can't identify anyone. Bless him -- he doesn't complain about it, but I know it's as bad a loss for him as the memory problems.

And, again, without the help we've had from all of you, Sasha would probably be gone from this world already. People in rest homes don't live very long, usually. If for no other reason than simple depression and despair, which sap physical strength and cloud the mind.

Now that the economy is showing signs of repair -- although slow -- we expect to get offers for eight beautiful acres of our land. If and when that happens, we -- along with my children -- will perhaps be able to keep Sasha at home and cared for without calling on all of you for funding. That would be a lovely thing for all of us. I truly believe that next year there will be movement in the housing market, and that our magnificent hill with its views across miles and miles of golden fur dotted with California Live oaks will attract good people with lots of money.

I have some urgent thoughts about politics -- I am a politics-freak, by the way -- and I'm going to send this note off to you just to let you know we are alive and well (not in top shape, but relatively okay), and then sit down and write some of those urgent thoughts and perhaps send them to you, and I say "perhaps" because you would find yourselves sharing a lot of my Shadow, and that might or might not be what you need in your lives, and it would mean making some of you angry or at least annoyed, and none of us need to be more angry or annoyed than we already are. But a writer has to write, and I would love to get some Dark Side snarkies off my chest, so it'll probably happen. Soon. (Do not laugh -- soon is possible, even if it might seem unlikely, at the moment, after months of silence.) Check this space frequently. I am bursting with outrage.

Blessings to you all....... Ann (and the Big Man)

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Привет всем ,Есть какие нить проверенные сайты посвященные помощи и благотворительности... ?? Типа wwf... интересует Африка, но вообще любой 100% ный сервис. Спасибо,пис!
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prok v2

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Kit.ter писал(а):
Привет всем ,Есть какие нить проверенные сайты посвященные помощи и благотворительности... ?? Типа wwf... интересует Африка, но вообще любой 100% ный сервис. Спасибо,пис!

100% сервис это отдать помощь из рук в руки. Если же делать это через фонд, то проследить маршрут этой благотворительности почти невозможно.
Спускаешься такой по лестнице... а она социальная :)
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